Indoor and Outdoor LCD Enclosures

Indoor and Outdoor LCD Enclosures

Over the last few years the number of uses for flat panel LCD and Plasma televisions
has increased dramatically.  LCDs and Plasma screens are not just for entertainment, either. Modern TVs such as LCDs
and plasmas are often used as computer monitors and digital advertising platforms.

Flat screen TVs like this are far more versatile than their bulky and heavy CRT predecessors. They are lighter, flatter and
cheaper to produce, the result being that TVs are now being used in many different

Excluding the recent increase in digital signage and outdoor digital signage, there
are other out of home locations where LCD TVs are to be found – but operating
them in these conditions can be quite challenging without an LCD enclosure.

Outdoor TVs 

Outdoor TVs are being used more and more. They are commonly used by restaurants to
entertain their customers but are increasingly becoming popular with households
who are installing them in patio, backyard pool and other outdoor areas. 

Weatherproofing is a critical part of being able to use TVs outdoors. Not just rainfall either
as all types of weather elements from snow to sleet can permanently damage a TV
left outdoors. Temperature too, especially when it peaks in the summer and winter,
needs to be accounted for.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are used for outdoor TV use as they
allow standard electronic devices to be taken outside for operation. They are
not only waterproof but also prevent any other elements such as dust from
entering the enclosure and ensure the temperature inside is always at the


Another need for LCD enclosures is in the TV use in hospitals, psychiatric wards, and
rest homes.  These locations also require the LCD to be protected but for
totally different reasons.

In these locations the screen has to be protected against impacts, tampering, and objects
being thrown, but more importantly LCD enclosures are used in these locations
to protect people from the TV.

Where elderly adults and children are concerned, it is essential to ensure that they
can’t harm themselves or be harmed by the LCD.

LCD enclosures prevent objects including
fingers from touching the device, prevents the device from being taken from the
wall and makes it difficult for it to be used as something to attach ligatures

Stadiums and Gyms

There is an increasing popularity for the installation of LCD
screens in sports stadiums and gyms.

An advantage for using screens in these locations is that they can
be dual purpose. For gymnasiums were there is a captive audience, they can be
used not only display television programming to keep the gym users entertained
while working out, but they can also be used to display specialized

Sports stadiums too are using the technology for similar benefits.
 Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball or any other sporting event,
the screens can be used similarly: providing information such as the games
current scores while also displaying advertisements and sponsors.

The demands on the screens in these venues are harsher than for
regular use. LCD enclosures have
been used successfully in such areas for their waterproofing and air filtration
capabilities which allow even standard screens to be used in such locations.

By implementing digital signage, not only are gym and sports venues
finding the added entertainment enhances the customer experience, the extra
revenue generated by dual purpose advertising is an added finance benefit that
can be a quick return on investment.