LCD Enclosures - Complete Outdoor LCD Monitor Protection

LCD Enclosures - Complete Outdoor LCD Monitor Protection

LCD enclosures are a cost effective way to LCD displays in outdoor or harsh locations. LCD enclosures protect against water, dust, tampering, theft, and harsh temperatures. These enclosures are available in a range of sizes from 15 inch up to 65 inch and even larger, LCD enclosures are an easy, flexible, and affordable way to install outdoor digital signage – a cutting edge, eye-catching, and efficient advertising method.


LCD displays are no longer just for the home or office. LCD TV screens are now
commonly used for advertising, marketing, and many other purposes as part of
the emerging digital advertising industry. Outdoor digital signage is
part of this fast growing new advertising method. Digital signage is the
implementation of flat panel LCD screens outside or indoors where there is a
high concentration of foot traffic or a captive audience that increases
exposure to the advertising piece.

Locations for outdoor digital
signage can vary too. They are utilized in restaurants, at store fronts, in transportation center such as subways and airports, street-side,
in shopping malls, schools, churches and many other locations where providing up-to-date
information and creative advertising is beneficial for capturing an audience. Using
displays in outdoor locations does come with its challenges. The extreme cold
and heat, combined with accidental and intentional damage can destroy an
outdoor LCD.

all factors considered, keeping the LCD protected is a critical part of outdoor
digital signage as well as indoor signage in many instances. There are
waterproof LCD displays readily available that are designed for protection
against rain, however they offer very little protection against theft,
tampering, vandalism, and accidental damage. Waterproof LCD displays are also
very costly and usually proprietary in nature.

LCD TV enclosures are an affordable
and efficient method of protection against all elements. LCD enclosures are not
only water and dust proof, allowing standard, consumer LCD displays to be used
safely in outdoor locations – doing away with the need to buy an
expensive waterproof LCD – but they also offer complete protection from other
outdoor elements that can disable outdoor LCD displays.

Temperature is another critical factor of course. Waterproof TVs might be able
to function in the rain, but when temperatures either drop or rise above the
suggested operating range for the LCD, it will likely fail. LCD enclosures can
be equipped with thermostats, heater, and cooling fans or A/C units that ensure
the temperature inside the enclosure is always with an appropriate range. To
prevent overheating, there are cooling fans and in some extremely hot locations even air conditioning can be
installed. For colder climates, where freezing can be an issue, heaters are
often installed inside the LCD enclosure to ensure the temperature never drops
low enough to freeze the LCD.

Another protective asset with an LCD enclosure is durability and solid steel
construction. LCD enclosures are typically manufactured from mild or stainless
steel, with shatterproof windows, to ensure maximum protection. Accidental impacts can
be common in outdoor areas and it doesn’t take much to damage a
screen. When displays are left in unsupervised areas vandalism and theft come
into play.

Typically, LCD enclosures can withstand even the most vigorous attempts at
vandalism and when locked they provide a secure barrier and
deterrent against theft as well. This physical protection should not be
underestimated as a damaged screen will not only need replacing, but when the
screen is dead, will not be generating any advertising income, either.

LCD enclosures are a great method for outdoor or indoor digital signage as they
are not only a cost effective alternative to outdoor LCDs but also offer complete
protection, lengthen the life of the display, prevent failure due to damage,
and more likely provide a scenario for a return on your investment.