LCD Enclosures: Protecting Your Outdoor Digital Signage Investments


Outdoor Digital Signage has come a long way since it’s debut. The various types of digital signage have made it extremely easy and effective for you to broadcast your advertisements to any passersby, not just your normal target audience, pulling in a whole new range of customers for your business. However, these digital signage displays (mainly composed of LCD monitors) are not nearly as cost efficient, nor as effective without the help of the final step of putting together your digital signage system: the enclosure. There are many forces with which your digital signage solutions will come up against, and there’s no better way to protect your investment and keep it around for longer use than with a strong enclosure to keep your LCD sealed, dry, cool, or warm, as well as safe from any outside sources of danger.


The environment of your digital signage system can be detrimental to your display, if not properly protected. An LCD enclosure can safely guard your LCD from harm from the elements. In temperatures where it is too hot for an LCD to be unprotected in the sun, an enclosure such as the Guardian, which is equipped with a fan/filtration cooling system, can ensure that your LCD is kept at proper operating temperature. Sometimes, digital signage systems are placed in environment that is far below the normal operating temperature. An enclosure that has a heater and thermostat option installed can provide the warmth your LCD will need to keep it safely running without freezing, all while still out in the cold! For extremely hot or humid conditions, you can even arm your LCD enclosure with an air conditioning unit that is custom to fit your needs.


You digital signage system should be able to be displayed all throughout the year, no matter the season. With LCD enclosures, you can now show your advertising displays proudly during all time of weather; Be it snow, rain, sleet, extreme heat, or any other crazy weather mother nature likes to throw our way. Even in the worst of storms, if you are protected with an LCD enclosure, your display will still be running as well as the day you first installed it! With heaters to protect from snowy blizzards, to a/c units to cool off your display during a heatwave, you can rest assured that your display is still the center of attention. Also, the LCD enclosure is rated NEMA 4, which means that it is waterproof. So when April’s showers are upon you and your display, your LCD will be staying nice and dry, all while still showing off your advertisements. 

Theft and Physical Protection

A major issue with digital signage systems are that the areas where they are supremely effective, are the areas where there is high traffic and a high volume of consumers passing and viewing the display. This is great for the advertisements, but is also a risk, due to how easily an LCD can be carried away by any common passerby. This problem is easily fixed with an LCD enclosure with locks that make it nearly impossible for someone to commit theft with your digital signage. Also, the thick gauged steel of an LCD enclosure can protect from any sort of tampering or vandalism that is also well known in high traffic areas.

Your digital signage system can easily help your advertising immensely, you just have to make sure you remember each step, including the enclosure for your LCD monitors!