Outdoor Digital Menu Board Enclosures

Outdoor Digital Menu Board Enclosures

LCD TV Enclosures are an effective way to implement digital signage in outdoor or harsh locations. LCD enclosures are essential for protecting against water, dust, tampering, theft, and harsh temperatures. Digital signage is a cutting edge, eye-catching, and efficient advertising method that can be customized and updated much more easily when compared with old static signs. One niche that is on the rise is digital menu boards for quick serve restaurant (fast food restaurant) drive up windows.

An outdoor digital menu board requires an enclosure that has been designed to endure even the harshest of environments while constantly providing complete protection to the LCD it houses.  In the dead of winter, or in a desert heat storm, the Digital Menu board enclosure must maintain an appropriate internal temperature to prevent costly downtime and LCD replacement due to freezing or overheating.

Some outdoor digital Menu board enclosures can be a single screen unit, or multiple units that can be attached for double screen menus and even triple screen menus.  The outdoor digital menu board can easily coincide with any existing signage, advertising, or menus that may already be in place. 

Digital menu boards allow restaurants to convey their advertising messages much more effectively than static menu boards and also provide a cost savings by eliminating the need for new graphics.  With a high bright LCD or LED display your digital menu board can be highly visible even in direct sunlight.  Digital menu boards can even display cutting edge, animated advertisements in addition to menu items. Insight Digital Signage is a provider of outdoor digital menu board products LCD displays are being used more and more in various locations as a much more efficient means of communication and advertising versus static print ads and posters. Digital menu boards for quick server restaurant (QSR) drive up windows are just one example of outdoor digital signage. Another digital advertising medium on the rise is taxi top digital signage.

Taxi top digital signage utilizes two LCD displays in a back to back configuration on top of taxi cabs or other vehicles. Solutions for displaying digital advertising on top of taxi cabs can include custom Digital Ad software (that can be updated remotely over the internet) with audio, video, and sharp graphics and design to grab the attention of captive audiences. Hardware packages can include one or all of the following: Weather Proof Double Sided Taxi Top Enclosure, Two LCD Units, and a PC or Media Player. There are many benefits to Taxi top digital signage versus static signage.

One of the best benefits for taxi top digital signage is the ability to automatically change an advertisement in a split second via GPS technology to take advantage of specific geographic locations within an urban city. Other benefits include more flexibility, cost savings, and a much more eye catching advertising campaign. Taxi top digital signage also requires an enclosure that has been designed to endure and withstand a harsh environment such as the roof of a taxi in New York City and other harsh climates where temperatures can fluctuate greatly.