Outdoor LCD TV Enclosures for Digital Signage Purposes

LCD and Plasma TVs are no longer just the for the home. With the
falling cost of flat screen TV products such as LCD, LED, and plasma screens,
the locations that televisions are now found in are almost endless.

There are many applications for outdoor TV products including outdoor digital
or advertising, outdoor entertainment, and even digital menu boards for the
quick serve restaurant industry. There are many indoor locations as well that
can benefit from digital signage such as shopping malls, universities, and
conventions centers to name a few.

The number of outdoor
LCD TVs being manufactured has
increased as well. However, unlike the standard indoor version, outdoor LCD TVs
are typically extremely expensive. Part of the reason for this is that a
standard TV cannot operate outdoors due to extreme conditions such as rain or
snow, and most of the cost of an outdoor TV goes into the design that protects
the TV from outdoor weather elements.

However, there are far more affordable methods of utilizing
outdoor flat screen TVs while still providing all the necessary protection for
the screen to be used safely and effectively in outside locations. 
Outdoor LCD TV
 allow standard off-the-shelf TVs to be used in outside locations
while offering even more protection than that of outdoor TVs.

An outdoor LCD
enclosure is dust, water, tamper, and theft proof (NEMA 4 rated). LCD
Enclosures can also be equipped with thermostatically controlled heating and
cooling systems to allow use in many different locations and climates with
fluctuating temperatures from snow covered areas to warm tropical locations.

Other options are available for an LCD enclosure such as an
anti-glare window to ensure clear visibility of the screen under direct
sunlight with efficient cool air circulation that prevents any hot spots from damaging
the screen under extreme sunlight. Some standard options include keyed locks,
cooling fans and filter, and a universal internal mounting bracket. Stylish
pedestal and ceiling mount options are offered as well.

These enclosures are
available in a range of sizes from 15 inch up to 65 inch and even larger. LCD
enclosures are an easy, flexible, and affordable way to install outdoor digital
signage – a cutting edge, eye-catching, and efficient advertising method to
help restaurants, business owners, and other ventures capture an audience with
this effective medium.

As an LCD TV enclosure houses a standard off-the-shelf TV they are
extremely cost effective to use and offer a great deal of flexibility. They are
also very durable and are typically constructed or manufactured from solid
steel with a durable powder coat finish to offer years of protection against
vandalism and theft, something most (if not all) outdoor rated LCD TVs do not
offer. LCD enclosures are a great method for indoor or outdoor digital signage
as they are not only a cost effective alternative to outdoor LCDs but also
offer more complete protection, lengthen the life of the display, prevent
failure due to intentional vandal or accidental damage, and more likely provide
a scenario for a return on your investment.