Security For Your Outdoor Digital Signage System

Security For Your Outdoor Digital Signage System


One could take pages and pages to discuss every reason that digital signage is key to advertising today. Especially when placed outdoors, digital signage is eye catching, and can disperse the right image to any targeted audience at any time. It’s because of these advantages that many companies have chosen to utilize digital signage enclosures.

Among some of the biggest pros to outdoor digital signage, is the fact that it can be placed virtually anywhere, and therefore attract as much attention as possible from places that were almost unreachable before. However, with this freedom of open possibilities for placement of outdoor digital signage systems comes the danger of possible vandalism and theft. Lucky for you, the secret has been found to solve all of these problems!

Protection for your LCD

Just one kind of place that outdoor digital signage is perfect is a place such as a subway, or maybe outside of a mall. These will reach plenty of future customers that previously weren’t even aware of your product. However, when the sun goes down and your enclosure is left alone without the protection of thousands of consumers to watch it, things could get a little bit risky. As a company, you could leave your digital signage system unprotected and wish for the best, as well as buy new systems to replace stolen materials on a regular basis, or you could bulk up on some protection to keep your digital signage system safe and sound. LCD enclosures are just the way to keep your advertisements guarded from the terrors which could surround it. With a strong, clear plastic window as well as keyed locks, your digital signage system is safe from all those who intend harm, and even those small accidents that tend to happen in public places. Also, with the mount being located inside of the enclosure, it is virtually impossible for your LCD to be carried off by anyone.

For outdoor digital signage to truly work as intended and as well as it is capable of being, an outdoor protective enclosure is most definitely needed. Don’t wait until you have a grave tale to tell, and get your LCD enclosure today!