Gas Pump Top Digital Signage

Gas Pump Digital Signage Enclosure   Gas Pump Top Digital Sign   Fuel Pump Top Digital Signage   Gas Pump Top Digital Signage

Product Details:

This 19" LCD outdoor kiosk and digital signage enclosure is the perfect method for displaying your digital message in many industries and locations including gas stations / pumps, retail applications, arenas, convention centers, transportation hubs, and shopping center. We can build a kiosk station to virtually any custom size or spec. It also works nicely as digital signage / advertising 
solution and includes a metal body with optional LCD displays. The Powder coated aluminum, steel, or stainless steel body ensures durability that will last for many years to come.

 Ships with: Steel Enclosure, Strong Clear Plastic Window, LCD Mounting Bracket, Cooling Fans, Filter, Water-tight Gasket, and Keyed Locks.

 Available Accessories: Anti-Glare Window

 Materials Available: Powder Coated Steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel 

 Sizes: For two 19" Widescreen LCDs in Landscape Mode

 Weight: 30 lbs